it seemed
VERY important
a burning big beam of
‘what is happening here will always be!’
and so much fear
and we loved each other.
Sometimes it matters just as much now.

tearing away from overbearing
cold traps
so young

I saw the glass shapes and shining metal of that bathtub and i had the
most incredible excitement of a life
that could be lived
so much beauty and
and perfection

where is it now?
does it crawl?
does it have a thousand legs
do i have to chase?
does it exist?

will it come to me when they die?

or do i craft it as i did then
with my own dreaming fingertips?

is there nothing just
two people staring blankly across you over a table
content in their not-yours lives?

I send up my own flames
And tangled up in stained glass windows
I live without looking at them

There are so many things To See



im working it out
i am falling together like
a clever origami piece
deftly unfolded into breathless bright Cities

im shaking you off
these many legged crawlings in my fur
i found the right way now
to breathe you out and make you run

sheets are falling
no dust fills my air
i found the right way
to suck it up and lemon scent

i am becoming un-lost
Heart, you’re done counting

You can come find me now

The Highly Qualified

i’ve not got

so you can’t
have it either!

i don’t think It
is what they
it would be

according to their

i can write my own words
on my own bits
of brown paper

and wave them around
like an emperor’s outfit
(yes, that one)

i’ve not got

and you don’t
have it either!

even if you do

i Still Love YOU

let’s go Play,


sometimes people throw rocks
or tear bits off of you with their teeth
they cut you up
and throw the pieces on the floor
and stamp on them

it’s easy to deal with
those loud

some people scream and shout
they know where it hurts and they
aim and they shoot

but the worst thing
is when


i do not need saving
but be my strength when i have none
take me in arms of invisible steel
it is a togetherness that i need

i do not need keeping
but be my wall to grow my branches along
and blossom flowers everyday with me

i do not need skin
but we will come together in the night
and sleep in the day
and take peace in heart given god-speak

he will walk quickly to me
when i am nothing
he will be something.
when he is frail
i will be his stamping bones

they think I am stronger alone
he makes me weak and stronger still
we stand straight through
cracking cold dawns
holing down the weather

be my bone
be my blood
be yours


we have too much to say to you
to write in one line

my head starts to throb as they
turn up the dial
i see light all around but
they show me the dark
is it me?
am I mad?

we can’t show you everything
not yet
we have a plan for you

My head may be aching
But my heart is worse
I only want to be

(And I find myself
Wants you
To me

In Two Different Rooms

in the silence
i forget the noise
in the class room
i forget my toys

In the cold
I forget the warm weather
In falling apart
Forget being together

In my shame
I forget to be proud
In my quiet
I forget to be loud

In my crying
I forget I can laugh
In my exploration
I forget my path

In my fury
I forget my calm
In harsh calculation
I forget the charm

In my worry
I forget my peace
In my starvation
I forget the feast

In the darkness
I forget the light
In being all wrong
I forget there is right

In my mind
I forget my heart
In my endings
I forget I can start

In my youth
I forget I’ll get old
In nobody speaking
I forget I was told

In my caution
I forget about chance
In my standing aloof
I forget I can dance

In my despair
I forget I can smile
And when I was alone
They were there all the while

In my stillness
I forget how to move
but I can never
forget about You.


Every morning I hear your voice
It bores into my head like a maggot
And hates me with the loud indifference of its existence
Leaving round red rimmed weeping spaces
Where smooth skin grew
cigarette burn scars
And dreams like ice water baths
That make hearts ache in fury
and fall away
Each word red ink pen on white marble
That weeps for a finer hand
Not for the tuneless scrawl of the
Infant’s petulance
That rips at the cool silk glass silence
Of every morning

Wai’s Poem II – Shadow

word 20 donated by Wai Fun Soo

I will drink in
wordless joy of sunlight in cities
I will touch nothing
At the heart of something

I will sing in flickering silence
dance through windswept stillness

I will be held in arms
I will write sonnets
I will cry and be comforted
I will climb

I will run
As fast as legs will carry
I will dream in candle lit breaths

I will hold hands
Read poetry out loud
Pour my heart into bowls
Share secrets
Be proud
I will move

I will stretch to hear words from the sky
Catch cold raindrops from clouds

I will indulge in senseless elation
Because it made sense at the time
I will feel safe
I will know that life falls
like sheets from windows

And as the world grows about me
I will lose myself
I will be caught on claws
I will be frightened
Shamed, broken, left behind
But clear a path to find my way again
I will live other lifetimes
I will learn, let go
I will be picked up, spun around
And kissed

I will cry for beauty
I will shout to the silence
And in my fury catch its voiceless reply
I will expire with thanks on my lips

And as fast as I run
You will be my every step

Oh that you were not only a shadow

Anon’s Poem – Parsnip

Word-a-day 14 donated by Anon/a parsnip

A Parsnip Tragedy! No issues whatever writing this. I got interrupted and added the second ‘chapter’ later on. But you can enjoy the first on its own.  I wanted to examine an issue but was sick of being so starkly miserable about it all the time. So here we have it. The sad slimy fate of the Parsnip. Enjoy.


There was a parsnip
It was stuck
In the ground
And in the muck
It wasn’t very comfortable
So I tried to dig it up

But I didn’t have the tools
You can’t help me honey
You got to follow rules

There was a parsnip
It was stuck
In the ground
And in the dirt
It wasn’t very comfortable
I guess it must have hurt

It wasn’t very cheerful
Even with me around
All I could hear was wind and sun
And a painful growing sound

There was a parsnip
It was stuck
In the ground
And in the earth

It wasn’t very comfortable
I guess it’s been that way since birth

It wasn’t very happy
Even with carrot’s company
It wasn’t pleased
With the potatoes
Didn’t like they way they teased
And as for those cabbages
Well they held a full revolt
And on first sight of me’ the parsnip said
they all set seed and bolt
And as for the sweet flowers
On those sweet looking garden peas
Well the things they say they’d bring me (if I had them) to my knees

There was a parsnip
It was stuck
In the earth
And muddy black
I couldn’t get it out of there
For fear that it might snap

There was a parsnip
It was stuck
In the ground
In front of me
How I wish I could pick that parsnip out
And take it home for tea



There was a parsnip
It was stuck
In the earth
And in the dust
I know that it was silly
But I think I fell in love
I tried to talk it round but no
Leave me be!‘ the root insisted
And as I watched the parsnip grew
Old bitter dry and twisted

There was a parsnip
It was stuck
In the earth
And in the clay
And as the parsnip turned to muck

I could only walk away

Abdullah’s Poem – Being

8th Word-a-day donated by Muhammad Abdullah Hamzah

My Sense of Being

I have a sense of being
Sadly taken ill
So I leave it in the sunshine
Right on my windowsill
I feed it milk and chicken soup
I hear it makes things better
It’s not allowed outside without
A great big itchy sweater
It always takes its medicine
And gets a good night’s sleep
I make sure it always wears clean socks
And its bedroom’s nice and neat

But after weeks of trying
My sense of being’s still quite sick
I hope that it’s not dying
My chicken soup won’t do the trick
I had a sense of being
But now its lost its sense of smell
I can tell you my sense of being
Still isn’t very well

I have a sense of being
But I awoke to find one morning
My sense had already woken up
While I was still there yawning
It was running round the landing
And climbing on the stairs
Hiding in the cupboards
And jumping on the chairs
It was drinking all the cola
And eating all the fruit
It was playing with the sat-nav
And planning out a route
At this point I had to intervene
Because I found it too bizarre
When my sense of being stole my keys
And tried to nick my car

I have a sense of being
It’s really part of me
But sometimes me and being
Don’t get on too well – you see?

I have a sense of being
But it had a ‘”nasty fall
And I can tell you my sense of being
Isn’t doing well at all

Dan’s Poem – Salad

5th Word-a-day donated by Dan Helgi í Gong

The Evil Salad – ‘Never Turn Your Back on a Salad’


Next time you eat some salad

Make sure you don’t turn your back

You might just find yourself

Under unprovoked attack

One day when sat with my bowl of leaves
Though you might find it hard to believe
I can assure you it wasn’t in my mind
My salad was being unjustly unkind
The chicory couldn’t speak without swearing
The endive insulted the clothes I was wearing
The iceberg was just acting cold and uncaring
And as for the raddichio
He was quite bitter
And the baby gem said ‘Oi ugly! How come you’re not fitter!?’
And I don’t even think a good mind should know
What filth arose from the head of the lollo rosso
I was hassled by the swiss chard
Called names by the romaine
The lambs lettuce baa-ed
And the batavia was a pain
The celery’s input made me blanch
The olives did not extend a branch
The rocket exploded with unhelpful intrusions
The spinach made scathing and hurtful allusions
(And let me take this chance to digress
I overheard the watercress
Persuading the baby leaves to undress)

Eventually I threw the lot away
I never liked salad anyway