Surprise Me

coming and going
coming and going
coming and going
too busy
its nothing much to me

i can watch you
and love you
never having touched you

feel you near me

coming and going
coming and going
coming and going

i won’t send love songs anymore
i don’t expect you

But the look in his eyes.

i still don’t expect you to stay.


Knock Knock

I knew
Exactly what was going on
Now there’s
A veil over
What I knew last night
Flashes pop now again
Like a busy friend
Or one I won’t
Have at my table

I wonder if it knows
It loves me
at the foot of my bed
Inside my head
Knocking against waiting
For my lightbulb to turn

I wonder how?
I think wondering is not the way
I think
(And I see this clearly sometimes)
It is being
Like a butterfly let off a string

Then again
I don’t know.
It does.

Breathing out

I’m so sorry
Didn’t mean to be shitty
I’m really all soft
And think you are pretty

I keep secret things
That make me concerned
Bad things I picked up
All spelt wrong and learned

I’m not prepared
For somebody nice
When you asked me once
I needed it twice

So I’m so sorry
Don’t mean to be shitty
I’m still all soft
And you’re still all pretty