The Needle

When I was in pre-school – so maybe 4, 5 years old, we had to get injections. We went to the school hall for it. We all lined up and I got to the front and was super curious and saw this needle about to inject into my skin. I was super excited and looked really closely so I could watch what happened. I’d had injections before and I wanted to see how they did it. She got the needle out and it was poised over my arm and…

…this bitch teacher to my side goes ‘look at me!’ and waves at me like some sort of clowny idiot. I’m not impressed. This is not important. When I look back it was over. I missed it. Godammit.

I can still see this twat’s fake smiley ass clown face. I was annoyed at her but what could I do.

 I don’t know if I can enjoy injections anymore.


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