it seemed
VERY important
a burning big beam of
‘what is happening here will always be!’
and so much fear
and we loved each other.
Sometimes it matters just as much now.

tearing away from overbearing
cold traps
so young

I saw the glass shapes and shining metal of that bathtub and i had the
most incredible excitement of a life
that could be lived
so much beauty and
and perfection

where is it now?
does it crawl?
does it have a thousand legs
do i have to chase?
does it exist?

will it come to me when they die?

or do i craft it as i did then
with my own dreaming fingertips?

is there nothing just
two people staring blankly across you over a table
content in their not-yours lives?

I send up my own flames
And tangled up in stained glass windows
I live without looking at them

There are so many things To See


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