Walk on

I walk on unicorn feet
I electrically charged,
Light up

I play
I lift weights
No muscle could bear

I travel nights
and come back days
and find treasure

This is where I live
It is my home
Everywhere is a beauty spot

And I see days like this
And brighter



sometimes people throw rocks
or tear bits off of you with their teeth
they cut you up
and throw the pieces on the floor
and stamp on them

it’s easy to deal with
those loud

some people scream and shout
they know where it hurts and they
aim and they shoot

but the worst thing
is when


i do not need saving
but be my strength when i have none
take me in arms of invisible steel
it is a togetherness that i need

i do not need keeping
but be my wall to grow my branches along
and blossom flowers everyday with me

i do not need skin
but we will come together in the night
and sleep in the day
and take peace in heart given god-speak

he will walk quickly to me
when i am nothing
he will be something.
when he is frail
i will be his stamping bones

they think I am stronger alone
he makes me weak and stronger still
we stand straight through
cracking cold dawns
holing down the weather

be my bone
be my blood
be yours


we have too much to say to you
to write in one line

my head starts to throb as they
turn up the dial
i see light all around but
they show me the dark
is it me?
am I mad?

we can’t show you everything
not yet
we have a plan for you

My head may be aching
But my heart is worse
I only want to be

(And I find myself
Wants you
To me