Someone Like you

You and your migraines are
Your reasoning outrageous
You, your head, your heart they never meet.
Good job that you’re in fashion
Because with your lack of passion
You could never sweep a woman off her feet

And you make me feel
I am out in driving rain
I am lonely, lost and missing you
And that makes me insane?
And all the bits of me I have lain
Out for you
You regard with a cold indifferent blade

And your every word is another nail
Every omitted kiss another fail
I wonder what is it that makes you glad?

Too afraid
To feel the sun on your naked skin
To be pulled inside out from within

Too scared
To risk a fall and bleed
To reach too far for what you need
To hold my hand while you run
To let go, to dance, to breathe, to jump

To have your heart

See I only wanted to leap off cliffs with you
Into some unending painted blue
But I’m sorry.
I know that was too much to ask
Of somebody like you.


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