When You Open Your Eyes

I decided to write a poem to dedicate to Rickford and Emma and their baby Julian. Born 5 August 2011. I’ve not told him about it yet. I don’t think it’s up to scratch at all…I wanted to write something epic, but I got this:

I have a gift for you
When you open your eyes
I hope you like
Your surprise

It’s the sky

It goes on forever

I will tie it up in a
red bow
And put it in a shoe box

Don’t forget
It’s all for you.

And if I could be the weather
Rain would only fall in fairytales
Clouds would be only sighs
And the sun would never set
Until you closed your eyes

And one day I will teach you how to fly

I have a gift
It’s all here waiting
For you
When you open your eyes.


3 thoughts on “When You Open Your Eyes

  1. Right I bashfully showed this to Rick and Emma. Here’s his reply I wanted to keep…

    Only just got round to seeing this, is very nice πŸ™‚
    Made me warm and fuzzy, as I’d relished showing him the sky for the first time, I made a big fuss of it. I think I even told him that it went on for ever. Emma was very touched. Thank you Sarah! β™₯

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