A Reason to Stay away from Carling

(Or to drink more of it. You’re call.)

I found Jesus. He was in my Carling
He’s such a perfect little darling
He was in the blue dress
The one he always wears
And a look from those eyes took away my day’s cares

I found Jesus he was in my Carling
Such a sweet self-righteous darling
He told me I shouldn’t
When I knew I should
He said we weren’t allowed – I said now we could!

I found Jesus he was in my Carling
But it grates to spend time with such a sweet little darling
I was a bit annoyed
When he decided to amble
Across my G & T in his dirty sandals

And I soon tired
Of that warm lamb-like stare
He kept telling me stories
To write down and share
I couldn’t say
Look sorry Jesus…I don’t actually care

I found Jesus, he was in my Carling
He’s so bloody sweet and such a darling
But I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t
Felt a little bit better
When he hopped onto the next table
Into somebody’s Stella…


Frank’s Poem – Whispers

word 21 donated by Frank Richards

You stormed in
And wrecked my pavements
While I listened
To those whispers
Of escape
In your eyes
When will what is mine
Come back to me?
As that swift light
Sweeps the days across the green
Clouds hold fast despite rain
I picked these flowers for you
And on your return
They will turn to the sun
And close their eyes

Wai’s Poem II – Shadow

word 20 donated by Wai Fun Soo

I will drink in
wordless joy of sunlight in cities
I will touch nothing
At the heart of something

I will sing in flickering silence
dance through windswept stillness

I will be held in arms
I will write sonnets
I will cry and be comforted
I will climb

I will run
As fast as legs will carry
I will dream in candle lit breaths

I will hold hands
Read poetry out loud
Pour my heart into bowls
Share secrets
Be proud
I will move

I will stretch to hear words from the sky
Catch cold raindrops from clouds

I will indulge in senseless elation
Because it made sense at the time
I will feel safe
I will know that life falls
like sheets from windows

And as the world grows about me
I will lose myself
I will be caught on claws
I will be frightened
Shamed, broken, left behind
But clear a path to find my way again
I will live other lifetimes
I will learn, let go
I will be picked up, spun around
And kissed

I will cry for beauty
I will shout to the silence
And in my fury catch its voiceless reply
I will expire with thanks on my lips

And as fast as I run
You will be my every step

Oh that you were not only a shadow