I Can be Very Strict

Sadness is
Something that
You will never own
Your days with me will stay

I will bake you all the biscuits in the world
And tie each one up in paper
And give one to you with tea

I will breathe when you stop
And I will speak when you
Have no voice

I will kiss your broken fingers when you
Claw at the walls
And give you honey
When you’ve screamed yourself hoarse

And when you think you have forgotten
I will remember
And when you think you are lost
I will know
I will be your mirror
And show you to yourself

Sadness is
Something that
You will never own
I won’t hear of it
So don’t you dare.


i want to stay up late with you
with the music turned louder than our breathing
and wake heavy-lidded with dripping sheets

ill follow you home from work like a ghost
and put you to bed with your dreams in your arms

we don’t have to pretend
if you’ll give me your word that we will keep one another
forever, for now
in tight clasped sweat and untouched secrets
told between chaste bodies

and sleep
and wake dark and heavy-lidded with dripping sheets