i want to stay up late with you
with the music turned louder than our breathing
and wake heavy-lidded with dripping sheets

ill follow you home from work like a ghost
and put you to bed with your dreams in your arms

we don’t have to pretend
if you’ll give me your word that we will keep one another
forever, for now
in tight clasped sweat and untouched secrets
told between chaste bodies

and sleep
and wake dark and heavy-lidded with dripping sheets

You Know What? Just Forget It

I want to breathe in deep until my lungs hurt
And blood bursts
I want to feel fingertips dig hard into me
And to turn you inside out with
Long hearted lust

I want you to crave
Move worlds unmoving
Long for twinkling lights and voices free in open spaces
And feel over each other and each moment in
Sweet finger-tipped fascination

Ignite heart lights and
Watch eyes shut
With taste and sound
And sweetness
And breathless and alive,
Forget that we will die

And you?
Barbed wire, and
Early nights.


The Collector

You netted me like a butterfly
Another specimen for your jar
Squinting squiff eyed at soft living colours
That transmute into wavelengths
All written in the same dull graphite grey
In the scruffy notebook
You keep in your head

Coming up for air
I gasped as I climbed out of your jar
A steel pin through my heart
Crumple winged from your
Innocent, gift-less fixation
A pattern. A type. A body.

Beneath your cool gaze
I forgot all of my warm beauty
You, a fascinated wide-eyed child
Pulling the wings off fairies