I watch
sedated obedient and ash faced
from the back window of your car
as the place I used to live
gets smaller
and smaller
and smaller
with each wheel spin.

‘We’re never coming back’
You say.

And I think of my garden dying, of all the flowers spiderwebbed
And the fountain dried up with drowned magpies and my dogs dead
And the dust collecting in my room
And the strange hands through my collections and looted memories.
Then of my fading from hearts
Of would be friends, and unfinished love affairs
Cut off at conception
And questions that no longer care for my answers.

I should have kicked,
But I had no arguments with you then.
I was too tired.

But I never wanted to get in.

An Open Letter to an Absolute Bastard

you can take my time
you can take my happiness
you can take my comfort
you can take my pleasures
you can take my youth
you can take my head

you are
far too much for my little heart to cope with

but ill be damned if you can take my friends
ill be damned if you can take my dreams
and i’ll be damned if you can take my life from me again